Do No Harm: Volume 2 of Our Webinar Series

Do No Harm: Understanding Intersectional Experiences in Human Trafficking is the second part of our webinar series focusing on anti-oppressive, trauma-informed anti-human trafficking practices.

The webinar will begin on Thursday, May 5, 2022 from 2- 3 p.m. and recur at the same time on Thursday each week, concluding on June 9.

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About Do No Harm

Frontline workers, survivors, and other experts share insight into the unintentional harms and impacts of some anti-human trafficking practices and policies.

Human trafficking is a complex phenomenon, including multiple intersecting experiences. Reducing this complexity to a single narrative causes harm.

The upcoming six webinars will focus on how different aspects of peoples’ identities inform their choices along the spectrum of exploitation.

You can see a full listing of speakers and subjects on our EventBrite page.