In our Migrant Workers Exercise, participants experience the spectrum of exploitation that migrant workers face.

For years, migrant workers coming to Canada have been subjected to exploitation. They are often underpaid, overworked and abused. This is made possible because of systemic shortfalls of Canadian immigration laws including the Temporary Foreign Workers Program.

Migrant workers come to Canada with closed-work permits which restrict them to working only for the employer on the permit. These permits allow employers to repeatedly abuse workers and return them back to the country of origin if workers try to assert their rights.

The Migrant Workers Exercise introduces participants to the systemic mistreatment of migrant workers.

Participants take on the role of migrant workers and come to Canada with the hope of a good future, only to be met with dangerous work conditions, unsafe housing, wage theft, isolation, and abuse.

They also learn of the strength and resilience of these migrants, and how to support the movement for change.

This experience is meant for anyone interested in learning more about migrant worker issues in Canada.

Students, service providers, government institutions, law enforcement, community members and others are invited to sign up.

To book an exercise, please fill out the form below. You can also contact us at This exercise provided free of charge to groups who cannot afford to pay. Otherwise, fees are adjusted on a sliding scale.

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